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Frontier Capital Group Limited (formerly Precious Metal Resources Limited) has acquired CK Graphic Sdn Bhd.

CK Graphic was established in Malaysia in 2003 and has grown as a digital visual communication company dedicated to providing its clients with dynamic lasting digital design solutions using the latest media and visualisation technology.

CK Graphic’s principal activities comprise the following:

  • the production of 3D images (primarily comprising interior and exterior real estate and architectural artist impressions);
  • the production of 3D animation clips usually for informative, advertising or marketing purposes;
  • interactive 3D perspectives that provides a number of visual perspectives when viewing a particular 3-dimensional image (e.g. viewing a building from different directions and from an aerial perspective); and
  • the development of bespoke applications.

CK Graphic currently employs 24 staff members and its operations are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The majority of CK Graphic’s customers are Malaysian companies with a number of customers based in Dubai. Additional customers in international markets are being pursued.

The Malaysian Government awarded Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status to CK Graphic. The MSC status exempts CK Graphic on 100% of its statutory business income tax in Malaysia for up to 10 years.

The current MSC Status Certificate was issued on 12 November 2010 and can be renewed on 12 November 2015 for a further 5 years. The exemption is only for “MSC Qualifying Activities”, such as research, design, development and commercialisation of the following creative multimedia services:

  • Photo realistic architectural rendering;
  • Photo realistic interior rendering;
  • Virtual reality;
  • Architectural animation/walkthrough;
  • 4D animation;
  • High definition wide screen video; and
  • Provision of implementation technical services and maintenance related to the above-mentioned services.





last updated 31 March 2015

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